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Escape the World
Wheel in the Sky
What tune do you regularly find yourself humming or singing in the shower?

I find my self singing If I Die Young by the Band Perry, for some weird reason it just pops in my head. I really hope that's not a sign I'm gonna die or something

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Well it's almost time for the Season finale of another of my favorite shows, Supernatural! This week i think starts the first part of the finale. My predictions are for 4x21

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I am so mad and confused at the same time!  WTF was that supposed to be? If that was Heroes then i'm not sure i want to watch anymore.

Well i was Right about Nathan dieing i think or was it Sylar that is dead or is he trapped. All i know is if ZQ is no longer on the show I am so not watching.

Claire is getting aggravating
why didn't she try to save Sylar, instead all she did was threaten to kill him. Doesn't he deserved to be saved?
only a few of us think he does every one else wants him to stay evil forever or die.

I seriously hope that Tracy isn't the only new villain for next season, her character isn't even that interesting. If they want a new female villain why don't they just turn Claire bad. She is already cold and vengeful. Although even with new villains the show won't work without Sylar he is the real villain of the show, and i don't think being Nathan is going to turn him good,that is if ever figures out who he really is.

BTW what happened to Danko is he done hunting people or did he die or something? Totally lost here on that one.

To bad they didnt explain more about whats wrong with Hiro is he dieing from his ability like that weird virus from season 2?

I wish next season was here already so i know what the hell is going on, I'd really like to know what abilities Peter got from Sylar and if he and Claire know about Nathan.

Leave it to this show to leave more questions than answers. This was the worst season finale for this show.

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i hope this gets posted right! O well im new at this so i guess i haven an excuse.
As you can see i listen to just about everything. I thought since no one knows me they could listen to some of the music i do and learn more about me.

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Heroes is starting to look really good leading up to the finale next monday. I can't wait! 
 My predictions for the finale : Slyar will kill Nathan or Angelia.
 Peter will regain all of his ablities because of the tramma of said events and will have a show down with Sylar.
Claire will become the new Villian in her quest to kill Sylar. 
" Sylar will become President or a Senator full time". that one is proably way off. LOL

Well i know i have no friends on here yet but feel free to freind me and leave comments.


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